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Who is the Grimpeur Heureux?

18 Jan

I am the Grimpeur Heureux. I am a 33-year-old Yorkshireman, living in London. I have a wife and two children. Last year I gave up my job as an investment banker (boo, hiss) to be a full-time father and to support my wife as she completes her GP training.

One of my proudest recent achievements was to help my son learn to ride his bike just 2 weeks after his 4th birthday (when he received his first proper bike, a red Islabike). For my daughter (currently 21 months), I am targeting a ‘learn by’ date just after her third brithday.

I’m writing this blog because i) I like to read, and that reading now encompasses a large number of blogs (or web-logs as I like to call them); ii) I like to ride my bike; iii) I like to read about people that ride bikes; and iv) I am not very good at riding my bike (in the fitness sense, rather than falling off sense). So I thought I would try my hand at writing about a topic I enjoy, with a view to improving at the hobby I enjoy.

Why ‘Grimpeur Heureux’? Apart from giving me huge scope to include a typo in virtually all of my posts, I chose the name because i) I am happy (and I am interested in the ‘science’ of happiness); and ii) if I was ever going to be decent at anything cycling wise, it would be climbing. I certainly do not have the physique of a sprinter or a rouleur.

Sadly, my exploits on a bike don’t suggest a great propensity to be a King of the Mountains either. Like many recreational road cyclists, I assumed that it was the ‘weight’ component of the power/weight ratio that was holding me back in the high mountains (rolling hills of Kent). I was therefore disappointed recently to find that when I calculated my ideal cycling weight using this website (http://www.bicycling.com/training-nutrition/nutrition-weight-loss/your-ideal-cycling-weight?page=0,4), I am just about right.

That means it is the ‘power’ that is missing, and I think I’m going to find it more difficult to address than excess weight. In any event, I plan to chart my attempts to increase power, speed and mileage on this blog and, in doing so, try to show that even those without natural athletic prowess can get enjoyment and satisfaction from challenging themselves on a bike.